All Stars BJJ introduces the NO-GI instalment of the Challenge Series!


The event will offer athletes the chance to win cash prizes and championship belts in their division.

Of the entry fee 50% will go towards the cash prize awarded in the division.
Early entry fee: £40
Late entry fee: £50
The cash prize sum for each division will be displayed weekly.


BEGINNER-Less than 2 years experience in BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling (etc.)
INTERMEDIATE-From 2 to 4 years experience.
ADVANCED-More than 4 years of experience.

4-WEIGHT CATEGORIES ; Male: -70kg, -80kg, -90kg, 90kg+. Female: -65kg, -75kg, 85kg, 85kg+
Weigh in will be without the Gi, the event will follow Adcc ruleset whith no slams allowed and there will be adult & master divisions available.

Championship belt holder from the previous challenge event will be invited to defend their title.

Please note this event will have a maximum capacity of 200 entries.

Spectator fee: £5