Registration is now open for the All Stars LONDON PRO 2019, to be held Sunday 30 June at the UEL SportsDock , London.


Optional split weight cash prize absolute.

Split weight: Male -76kg, +76kg, Women -69kg, +69kg.

Please note this is for the cash prize absolutes only.


1st place: Cash Prize + Championship belt

2nd place: Suave Gi

3rd place: Rashguard


Cash Prizes:

White belt - £50 

Blue belt - £150

Purple belt - £200

Brown/Black belt - £250


The IBJJF rule set will be in place, though all blue, purple and brown belt fights will be 6 minutes long.

IBJJF weight classes will be used, with weigh ins to be made a maximum of hour before your division begins.

Weigh ins can be done on the morning of the event from 9am, with priority given to those competing earlier in the day.


Additional prizes will also be given on the day to those who impress for:

‘Best run to gold’, ‘Best submission’, ‘Quickest submission’ and more. These prizes will include rash guards and kimonos from UK brand Suave Kimonos (