Is this a gi or no-gi competition?

-The event has both gi and no-gi divisions, both of which are ran according to IBJJF rules. You can view them at:


What time does the event start?

-The doors will open to competitors and spectators at 9am. The schedule with division start times will be published on the Facebook page and website shortly after registration has closed.

What time does the competition end?

-The event will finish by 5:30pm at the latest.

Where is the next event being held?

-The address for the Pro Open and Spring Edition is:

The Armitage Centre

Chancellor's Way

Moseley Road


M14 6HE

How do I register?

You can register for each event via this website. The direct link to the Pro Open registration is:


The direct link to the Spring Edition registration is:


Once you have completed your personal details and weight division etc, you will be taken to the PayPal page to make your payment.

How can I pay if I don’t have PayPal?

-Follow the registration process. There is an option to pay via PayPal or using a credit or debit card, meaning you don’t need to create a PayPal account.

How much is it to register?

-Early registration fees are:

1 division (gi or no-gi) = £28

2 divisions = £40

Optional cash prize absolute: £15

Juniors = £20

Juveniles = £25

Late registration fees are:

1 division = £35

2 divisions = £50

Optional cash prize absolute: £15

Juniors = £25

Juveniles = £30

What are the weight categories?

-At All Stars BJJ we use IBJJF weight categories.

I’ve signed up for a weight division that I am now unable to make. Can I change division?

-Yes, though all amendments to your registration have to be made by the registration check day.

Is there a weight allowance on the day?

-No, if you do not make weight, consistent with IBJJF rules you will be disqualified. We will have a set of scales where you can test your weight and you also have the option of weighing in from 9am. Priority will be given to athletes fighting at earlier times.

Is there a competitors list?

-Yes, the competitor list will be updated every few days and the link will be shared on our Facebook page.

When will the schedule be posted?

-The schedule will be available to view on the Facebook page shortly after registration has closed and will also be emailed to all athletes registered.

Gi divisions are ran first, followed by the Gi cash prize absolutes, then no-gi divisions and  all regular Gi and No-Gi absolutes. Once you have finished fighting in your division, if you have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, your medal will be presented on the podium within 15 minutes.

When will the brackets be posted?

-The brackets for each division will be shared on our Facebook page shortly after the schedule has been released. This will be a minimum of 2 days before the event.

What time is the weigh in for my category?

-You can weigh in from 9am or up to 1 hour before your division start time. Priority will be given to athletes fighting earlier. If you are fighting in both gi and no-gi divisions, you will weigh in once in the morning in your gi. Remember to allow enough time to warm up. A mat co-ordinator will call your whole division to the designated mat, so be prepared and listen out for your name.

Will there be an absolute?

-Yes, you must first medal in your weight division, then sign up for the absolute at the podium table.

I’m old enough to compete at masters/seniors, though I would like to fight adult. Is this possible?

-Yes, you are welcome to fight down an age group, simply select the age category you wish to fight in when registering.

What if there is no-one in my division by the rime registration closes?

-When registering, you can select whether you are happy to move down an age group, or up a weight category should this happen. We will first contact you, then after your approval will move you appropriately. If we still cannot get you an opponent, then your registration fee will be refunded.

Is the competition straight elimination or repechage?

-Consistent with IBJJF rules, our events are run in a straight elimination process.

I’ve registered at a belt level but have since been promoted. What should I do?

-Congratulations! Please contact us via our Facebook page or by emailing us at info@allstarsbjj.co.uk and we will move you up to your new belt level.

Can I bring spectators?

-Yes, please bring friends, family and teammates! Spectators are free of charge.

Can we take pictures and videos on the day?

-Yes, please be aware of other spectators. An official photographer will be there on the day. Photographs will be shared following the event.

Does my coach need a pass?

-Coaches passes aren’t necessary. Coaches can get right next to the mat and are welcome to corner their students.

I am a business owner. Could I have a stand at your event?

-If we think your products/company will interest the competitors and spectators, we would love to have you there. Please contact us at info@allstarsbjj.co.uk to discuss this opportunity.