EXPO 2022


We are proud to announce the very first of its kind, the biggest ever most complete event of Brazilian Jiujitsu in the UK

This event will be held on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of September at UEL SportsDock , in London.

Gi & No-Gi divisions will be contested under IBJJF rule set, though all belts from blue onwards will fight for 6 minutes.
Adults, Masters 1-4, Junior and Juveniles divisions are available.

Optional split weight cash prize absolutes in Gi and NoGi absolutes

Split weight: Male -76kg, +76kg, Women -69kg, +69kg. Please note this is for the cash prize absolutes only.

1st Place: Cash Prize + Championship belt
2nd Place: Gi
3rd Place: Rashguard

Cash Prizes:
White belt - £100
Blue belt - £200
Purple belt -£300
Brown/Black belt - £400

In the adult, master, male and female Gi and NoGi cash prize absolutes

Early registration fees :

1 division: £35
2 divisions: £55
Optional cash prize absolute: £15
Junior 1 division: £30
Juvenile 1 division: £35
Additional Junior & Juvenile division: £15

Late registration fees:
1 division: £48
2 divisions: £68
Optional cash prize absolute: £15
Junior Gi: £40
Juvenile Gi: £40
Additional Junior & Juvenile division: £15


Absolute finals displayed on one large mat area.

Several well known athletes seminars.

Referee courses available from the best referees in the UK.

Açai bar and the latest JiuJitsu brands stalls.

Super Fights with the All Stars BJJ higher ranking athletes.

Saturday spectator fee £5

Sunday ticket £10