Registration is now open for the first Junior & Juvenile only event: The All Stars BJJ Junior Edition  2020! This event will be held on Sunday 10th May at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, London.

Gi and No-Gi divisions will be avaliable for athletes from PeeWee 1 through to Juvenile. Weight classes for the Gi and No-Gi divisions are listed on the 'Weight Divisions' tab of the website.

Please note:

The system groups the athletes together using the age they will turn the year of the event, not their age on the day of the event. Athletes will be in a division with other juniors of the same age group. More information can be found at:


This event will feature the Mighty Absolutes, with championship belts awarded to each absolute winner!

The mighty absolutes will be divided into the following divisions:

PeeWee 1 + PeeWee 2:

-24kg, -30kg, -Over 30kg

Junior 1 + Junior 2:

-30kg, -38kg, -46kg, -55kg, Over 55kg

Teen 1 + Teen 2:

-38kg, -46kg, -55kg, -65kg, Over 70kg


-55kg, -65kg, -75kg, -85kg, Over 85kg

In the absolutes, white + grey belts will be mixed together, yellow + orange belts, and green + blue belts. The absolute division will cost £10 and athletes must be registered in a Gi or No-Gi divison in order to fight the absolute, though earning a medal in said division is not a requirement.

There will need to be a minimum of 5 people registered in an absolute in order for it to run, if there are less then a merge will be offered.

The IBJJF rule set will be in place along with IBJJF weight classes, though all weigh ins will be made without the Gi, though at the Gi weight. Athletes may weigh in first thing in the morning, until 45 minutes before their division is due to begin.