‼️Procedure ‼️

8:30am Junior athletes may weigh in

10am Adult & Master athletes may weigh in

Athletes may weigh in anytime until 1 hour before their division is due to begin. Upon weighing in, you will be stamped. If you do not have the stamp when a mat co-ordinator calls you, you will be disqualified.

Weigh in is WITHOUT the Gi, even if you are fighting in the Gi only.

Athletes will then need to be in the bullpen (the BLUE mats) 30 minutes before their division start time.


Wright Robinson College,
Off Falmer Close,
Abbey Hey Lane
M18 8RL

We are delighted to invite you to the All Stars BJJ Manchester Pro, set to take place 30 April 2022 at Wright Robinson College, Manchester.

Gi & No-Gi divisions will be contested under IBJJF rule set, though all belts from blue onwards will fight for 6 minutes
Adults, Masters 1-4, Junior and Juveniles divisions are available.

Optional split weight cash prize absolute.

Split weight: Male -76kg, +76kg, Women -69kg, +69kg. Please note this is for the cash prize absolutes only.

1st Place: Cash Prize
2nd Place: Suave Gi
3rd Place: @raine Rashguard

Cash Prizes:

White belt - £100
Blue belt - £200
Purple belt -£250
Brown/Black belt - £300

In the adult, master, male and female Gi cash prize absolutes

Spectator fee: £5 cash payable at the door.