Our events adhere to the IBJJF ruleset.

However, all blue, purple, brown and black belt fights will run for 6 minutes.

This rule set can be viewed at:


Prizes at the UK Nationals, Europeans and Pro events:

1st place: Cash Prize + Championship belt

2nd place: Gi

3rd place: Raine rashguard

These prizes will be awarded to female adult, female master, male adult and male master Gi absolute winners. You will need to have entered the absolute for £15 entry.

Cash prizes:

White belt - £100

Blue belt - £200

Purple belt - £250

Brown/Black belt - £300


There will be 2 open weight divisions per belt level, for men there will be:



For women, it will be:




You can enter the absolutes giving a cash prize when registering or until registration closes. You do not need to medal on the day for this and we will not accept registrations at the event for this.

In order to fight in the absolute, you must have registered for a Gi or No-Gi division.

There is a minimum requirement of 7 athletes to be registered for a cash prize absolute in order for it to run. Failing this, athletes registered will be contacted regarding a refund.

Weigh Ins

The start time for weigh ins will be published on our Facebook page the week of the event. You may weigh in up until a maximum of 45 minutes before your division is due to begin.

All weigh ins are without the Gi. If you are fighting Gi and No-Gi, you will only weigh in once, at the Gi weight.

There is no weight allowance in any division.



Gi divisions will run first in the morning, followed by all cash prize Gi absolutes and finishing with the No-Gi divisions.

Junior and Juvenile divisions are scheduled for the morning.

The full event schedule is released the week of an event.



If we cannot find an opponent in your division and you do not wish to merge to another, you will be issued a refund following the registration close date.

Refunds will not be given for injury or no longer being able to attend an event. Should either of these reasons occur prior to 2 weeks before an event, we are happy to offer athletes a credit to a future event of ours.